• ✔ Prevent Zika virus spreading from disease-carrying mosquitos

    ✔ 600sqft Coverage, install 1 to 1.5m above ground level

    ✔ Lower power consumption using high efficiency UV LEDs

    ✔ Eco-friendly LED light source

    ✔ No disposable / replacement bulbs

    ✔ No chemicals, gases, or refills required

    ✔ Over 4 times better performance than traditional bulb-based traps

    ✔ Optimized light wavelength to attract mosquitoes

    ✔ Quiet operation of fan & motor without spark noise of an electronic grid ✔ No scattering of debris in the air

    ✔ MADE in Korea



    Brand Name: Mosclean

    Mode of Action: Dehydration

    Dimension (D x H): 200 x 232mm

    Color: Black

    Weight : 359g

    Attractant Source: Optimized UV LEDs + CO₂

    Noise: 28.3dBA (Typical)

    Power Consumption: 4W (Max)

    Power: DC 12V adaptor, 100~240V

    Installation: Hanging hole / Stand top

    Local Seller Warranty: 1 Year

    Package Content: 1 x Mosclean Mosquito Trap, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x 3 Pin Adapter, 1 x Local Warranty Card

    KOREA STOCK - MOSclean UV LED Mosquito Trap

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    $69.00Sale Price