Stainless Steel Straw Set (5 PCs, With Eco-Friendly Jute Pouch & Adjustable Food Grade Silicone Tip)

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With the increasing climatic changes and the growing concern about the harmful effects of plastic, it’s about time we switch to a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives. According to Isfoundation, plastic straws contain BisphenolA (BPA). BPA is a harmful chemical found in plastics that mimics the activity of hormones, most commonly estrogen, which can lead to a number of reproductive disorders and other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

9 Reasons to start using our Stainless Steel Straw

Eco-Friendly: According to Mother Earth Living, the manufacturing of plastic products releases a whole set of carcinogenic, home-disruptive and neurotoxic chemicals into the atmosphere. These products eventually find their way to our ecology through the air, water and land pollution. Share around the importance of switching to environmentally friendly products, such as metal straws to protect the environment. This will encourage them to reduce the use of plastic made products and recycle.

Easy to Clean: Rest assured, cleaning our 304 stainless steel straw is as easy as it could be. Our stainless steel straw comes with 2 cleaning brushes, to ensure every inch of the straw remains spick and span.

Reusable: Manufacturing new plastic is quite cheap today. Petroleum, the source of plastics, is still abundant. That’s partly why very few companies and governments care about the amount of plastic we use each day. What’s worse, plastic straws are designed to be used only once, and then thrown away. Over time, that has proved to be a disaster for the environment. Stainless straws, on the other hand, are easily reusable and highly durable as well. Metal lasts much longer than plastic, and stainless steel straws can last for years if you keep them cleaned and maintained.

Perfectly Safe to Use: Unlike plastic products, our 304 stainless steel straws are perfectly safe to use and BPA free. Plastic straws have been known to leech harmful chemicals into the bloodstream.

Great Gift: Do you have a friend who is obsessed with fitness and spends most of their time making healthy and refreshing fruit juices? A set of our stainless steel straws would be the perfect gift for anyone who is fitness conscious and concerned about the environment. These straws can be used to enjoy all sorts of delicious drinks including frozen cocktails, bubble teas, fruit juices, milkshakes and smoothies etc.

Adjustable Food Grade Silicone Tip: We understand that some of our customers do not like to come directly in contact with the metal, which is why our stainless steel straws comes with an adjustable food grade silicone tip.

Eco-Friendly Jute Pouch: Jute is a natural vegetable fibre made from the outer stem and skin of the jute plant. Also known as 'the golden fibre' due to its shiny golden colour and financial worth, jute is valued for its versatility and wide range of applications. Jute fibre is entirely bio-degradable and compostable. Jute fibre is recyclable. Jute bags are hard-wearing and can be used again and again, negating the need to use plastic carrier bags.

Safe for Kids: In terms of durability, stainless steel straws are the best compared to other types of straws. Unlike reusable glass straws, metal straws are not fragile and can easily be used by children. Hence, if you have young children who like to throw things around the table during breakfast, invest in stainless steel straws and you won’t have to worry about breakage again.

Great for Travel: Due to its sturdy metal build, our stainless steel straws can be carried wherever you go. These straws are ideal for fitness freaks that are always on the road. Just pack the straws with a cleaning brush and you are good to go.


Brand Name LiveGood
Straw Material 304 Stainless Steel with Food Grade Silicone Tip
Pouch Material Jute (Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Compostable)
Standard Straw Dimension 0.6cm (D) x 21.5cm (H)
Bubble Tea Straw Dimension 1.2cm (D) x 21.5cm (H)
Weight 0.02kg
Dimension of a Pouch Set 25.7 x 6 x 1cm
Package Content

1 x Normal Straw, 1 x Bent Straw, 1 x Bubble Tea Straw, 2 x Cleaning Brush


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