Eco-friendly Grocery Bag with Inner Pocket (Melting Bear)

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Using less resources and producing less waste is not only something for big corporations to worry about. Each and every of us can make a huge difference in how we impact the environment around us. We can either continue to use excessively and create billions of pounds of waste each year, or we can make changes starting today to create a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Plastic bags are not easily decomposed and they contribute towards the degradation of the environment. A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on environment. On top of that, the costs to recycle plastic bags outweighs their value. This is another reason why most of the plastic bags end up in landfill sites.

The average plastic bag is only used for about 12 minutes before it is discarded, hence creating an unimaginable amount of plastic waste in our homes, landfills, streets, and oceans.

Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle.


9 Reasons to start using Eco-friendly Bags

Less plastic waste in the environment: We currently use 500 billion bags annually, worldwide. That’s 150 plastic bags per person, per year. If you connect all of those bags from end to end, it would circumnavigate the world 4,200 times. Needless to say, an eco-friendly bag would significantly reduce this number.

Photo degradation, ingestion, and pollution: Plastic bags that don’t make it to the landfill or recycling plant are at risk for photo degradation (light exposure that releases toxic polymer particles), ingestion (100,000 mammals each year), or pollution (10% of all coastline debris). The use of eco-friendly bags reduces the amount of plastic bags entering the environment, and therefore the possibilities thereafter.

Less fossil fuels and natural resources used for years to come: By investing in an eco-friendly bag, you’re contributing to less fossil fuel use, saving water, and promoting more sustainable resource distribution.

Less money for cleanup: Plastic bags may be cheap and convenient to use, but they are expensive to clean up. The money and taxpayer dollars being put towards plastic bag cleanup could be much more beneficial elsewhere.

Stronger and more comfortable: Eco-friendly bags are stronger and more durable than conventional plastic bags. They’re also much more comfortable to carry than traditional HDPE bags. Therefore, you’re able to carry more with less stress on your hands and body in order to do so.

Support and show environmental friendliness: Eco-friendly bags are also a great way to show your support for the environment or any other cause. You can do this merely by using our bags, or by purchasing one with your favorite brand or slogan on it. 

Takes up less space: We have all got that plastic bag stash in our pantry or cupboard. Ditch the plastic stash in place of one or two reusables and save yourself room and stress!

Marine life: Incredibly, around 100,000 marine animals perish every single year because of plastic bags. Some of the marine life most impacted are water birds and sea turtles, who often mistake them for food or get tangled up in them and cannot escape.

Peace of mind, doing your part to reduce plastic pollution: There are many problems associated with excessive plastic bag waste. If just one person transitions to reusable bags instead of plastic, they’ll save 22,000 plastic bags over a lifetime. By using an eco-friendly bag, you will shop knowing that you are purchasing in a responsible way, doing your part to reduce plastic bag use for the years to come.



Brand Name LiveGood
Material Cotton
Color Natural
Dimension 40 (W) x 38 (H) x 12 (Base) x 56cm (Handle)
Weight 0.16 kg
Package Content 1 x Eco-friendly Grocery Bag with Inner Pocket (Melting Bear Design)


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